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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  September 21, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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university, they're talking about a real problem. >> they had to know that this dog was suffering. can we argue this dog was tortured. >> reporter: law enforcement, animal control filled this room to capacity to take part in this first ever animal abuse leadership summit. the goal -- for all jurisdictions to better understand animal cruelty laws, how to better prosecute them and build a better, more convincing case. >> we think this is an important area of the law to make sure everybody is on the same page and using some of the best practices. >> reporter: his office organized this summit in an effort to standardize better investigations and prosecutions after his office saw a jump in animal abuse cases. the assistant state's attorney saw many of the cases firsthand.
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>> this should never be a situation where someone doesn't know where to turn to. either as a member of the community, prosecutor in a denver county. there are people you can talk to, can learn from and we can make a difference oar most of those people were in this room trying to understand animal cruelty and justice -- not just for the animal but as studies show suspects who abuse animals are likely to commit domestic violence and as these men and women learn to be a better voice for the victims who do have one. owings mills, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> there have been some terrible cases of animal abuse across the baltimore area in recent years. earlier this year two brothers were found not guilty accused of pouring gasoline on to a pitbull
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and lighting her on fire. the dog, renamed phoenix, eventually had to be euthanized but that case led to important changes. they get special training no last year a cat nursing her kitten was burned. thankful flip mittens -- thankfully mittens was able to recover and become a posted cat for several others. the person accused in her attack was convicted. who can forget thor a pet bull left in trash cafnlt the 5-year-old dog was down to skin and bones but is now thriving after being more than
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20 pounds underway. you can find much more about today's animal abuse summit. just head to our slideshow. temperatures have warmed up system. we're in the upper 70s to low 80s. 74 in bowie. 78 and 79 in goldsboro. those are even with our highs on the day. current conditions at bwi gusting to 19 earlier today so a little breezy at times. check out the sunshine dominating the pictures here throughout the afternoon. there will be some changes as we work into the day tomorrow. we're clear now, but take a look to the north and west. big storm system pinwheeling, spiraling over the northern
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great lakes. south of the system a cold front being pushed in our direction. that will change the weather through the weekend. we'll talk about all those changes coming up. he caught the full blast from a shotgun in the back but 17-year-old daniel borowy is now on president road to recovery. tomorrow he will attend a special fund-raiser in his honor on hart miller island. jeff? >> reporter: it was already billed as the bon voyage party but now there's a fund-raiser to help cover his medical expenses. it could be in excess of $100,000. that doesn't even begin to cover the inhome care, rehabilitation and other expenses yet to could. after the gunshot shattered his first day of school and dreams, they are hoping this event can
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help make him whole again. >> he has down syndrome. anyone who knows anything with down syndrome, they don't compromise that type of hate. so everybody's loving because that's his life. he's good and loving. he just doesn't comprehend that. so to go through that psychologically and physically and if he's able to come back to school -- he's coming to our event, bringing them out in the afternoon. that's enormous. >> it's being described as a rock day of music for daniel and his family and it's a chance to let daniel know the whole community is behind him. jeff hager, abc2 news. the ab ber dean police
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department is in mourning after another loss. deect mark franklin died from non-hodgkins lymphoma. we're learning more about the finance of republican presidential candidate mitt romney. >> there have been calls by democrats for mitt romney to release 10 years of his tax return as the campaign released one year, the 2011 return. that showed romney earned $13.7 million and dew point $1.9 million, a tax rate of about 14.1%. he pays that rate because the money on -- tax rate on capital gains is lower than a regular income tax and that they donated about $4 million to charity last year. romney says he has paid at least
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13% in taxes in each of the past 10 years but has no plans to release those returns. the big day is finally here. apple says it has camped out gobbling up the latest iphone. we have more on the hype, the draws and the draw backs. >> reporter: iphone 5 frenzy has spread from tokyo to new york. thousands waited hours in line, some days to get their hands on apple's new thinner, light are and faster known. for some it was like winning the lottery. >> i'm so happy now. >> reporter: apple announced it's already sold 2 million iphone 5's and the former apple
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workers in france are protesting saying only the executives reap the mony. the operating system dumped google map. >> this is essentially a corporate battle between apple and google and customers are suffering for it. >> reporter: on the maps entire neighborhoods are gone. even the hoover dam has disappeared eye think apple will work it out. >> reporter: apple fans aren't the only ones excited to get their hands on them. sor thieves. >> it has been one of the biggest targets. >> reporter: in new york. some customers are registering their phone's serial number with the police department.
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hundreds of iphone 5's have been stolen from stores in tokyo and london. locally, people were lining up to be some of the first to get their hands on the new iphone 5. crowds gathered at the inner harbor at&t store. we talked to so who arrived as early as midnight. some were happy with their phone but they just wanted the latest version. >> we just got the new one. >> so what did everybody do to pass the time? well customers chatted. they listened to music and surfed the web on their old iphone one last time. another case of west nile virus hits anne arundel. coming up what actions the state
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is taking to keep the disease from spreading. >> you think you're eating the right thing to stay healthy but they could be diet disasters. >> and a musical number. how about a monolog filled with zingers.
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important news for people battling high bloo. a good night's sleep is necessary to make the medicine effective. people who took part in the study who slept fewer than six hours were twee's as likely to have high blood pressure and resistant to treatment. women were more likely than known suffer from resistant
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blood pressure. if you've been dieting but not seeing improvement on president scale you could be on a diet disaster. gray noel a is normally viewed as healthy but most store bought times are loaded with sugar. the salad bar is another place calories can pop up. >> you'd be car price how many calories and fat can pop up when you start putting on bacon bits, eggs and creamy dressing. >> alcohol can pack on the pounds. just one six ounce cocktail can have as many as 150 calories. dietitians warn just because you're eating a healthy version of a favorite, say veggie chips instead of potato chips, doesn't mean you can eat more of them. fall is here. raking leaves often leave people with sore back but yow ga could
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be a way to decrease your pain. experts say to warm up with simple moves before heading outside. >> basically, we want movement of the spine. bend forward, stand up straight. don't have to be far, don't have to touch your toes. go side to side. twist. move your spine a little bit and you've got the pace sick motions. >> a couple other good moves, sit in the chair, pull the knee up to your chest to stretch our back or roll over the chair to stretch your spine. >> hey, welcome, hi. that's the best part of fall. you have to rake the leaves and jump in. >> i would say this. the sunshine today, joce, feeling like summer. >> i want to hang on to it as long as i can.
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i will go kicking and screaming into fall. >> the fastest summer. a quick check. sunshine the story right now. we'll continue to be i think early tomorrow morning. overall conditions are not so bad. 76 at bwi. dew point is 60. some of the weather across the state gorgeous view over the susquehanna river. the tide water marina looking into harford county. dundalk here at ccbc, on campus bright sunny day who actually made it to class on friday. and in annapolis today where the midshipmen always have to go to class, sunny skies. goreious weather. we can pick out a camera.
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you'll find more of. that temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s. 77 in easton. near 80 in dulles. so certainly a warm and humid scenario, a bit of a south breeze, still a warm breeze. reverse of spring in the fall. water temp's up in the mid-60s to 70-degree range, so southeasterly breeze across those waters doesn't do anything to cool us down unlike the spring where the cold water temps have an effect. the humidity ridge has billed in over maryland. that will mean this mornings will stay warmer. we won't get as cool by daybreak tomorrow. the humidity works to keep the air tells up. a new storm on the map. this will change the game as we go into saturday afternoon. sunday morning scattered storms across the southern lake michigan area. that same system will stay north of us but will swing a trailing
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cool front. that's likely to bring in the collapse for rain by late day tomorrow. so here's that line. that's the frontal boundary coming through 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. it will push through quickly. behind the system breezy cooler weather. sunday is a nice looking day. saturday morning is fine. so most of the weekend looks good. we've got that one fly in the ointment. the funnel will spark a few storms. tropical stat light -- satellite view. right now looking like it will not develop, but we have been watching this system with a lot of interest over the last day or two. overnight 58. not quote as cool. tomorrow 82 degrees. clouds on the increase, maybe some afternoon thunderstorms. we'll clear out late tomorrow evening. sunshine on sunday. sunshine into early next week. breezy and cooler for the swim across america on sunday morning
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and the game on sunday night at m&t bank stadium. you can expect some which conditions. so dress warm for the new england game. your mailbox could soon be loaded down with lot more mai. the new york times reports the u.s. postal service is working to increase customers. many more junk deliveries. the move is to boost revenue. the report says almost half of all the mail delivered in the u.s. is advertising. so we all know junk mail isn't the best to receive but is getting more of it worst than having the postal service cut back on delivery? we want to know what you think. just did to soccer fans are used to seeing fireworks on the field. who found an explosive device during the middle of a match and where it happened.
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he drove for miles with his girlfriend clinging to the hood of his car. how the driver was finally stopped. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator
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working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't repl for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at
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no caught on video, an explosive device goes off during a soccer match in oi ran. in the second half of the game a player pecked something up off the field. when he tosses it off to the side it explodes in a big puff of smoke. the explosion was small and no one was injured. the match was quarter final. the game finished in goalless draw. a convenience store clerk used a beer can to fend off a
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would-be rob ber. the man came into the florida citgo armed with a knife. he grand cash and the store clerk started pelting him with beer cans. a georgia man is under arrest after he drove down the interstate with his girlfriend on the hood of his suv. other drivers called police to get the man to stop. one concerned driver stopped to take a photo. four different drivers bosmed the suv and forced him to slow down and eventually pull over. police arrived moments later and arrested the driver. the woman was not hurt. the driver is facing several charges including aggravated assault. a fire broke out in michigan and could be seen for miles. no one was hurt. police had to evacuate nearby business. carpet and chemicals were inside
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the building. investigators are still trying to determine how that fire started. >> anne arundel county taking action after reporting a fourth case of west nile virus. coming up, what's being done to kill the bugs so you can be better protected. taking a flight with american airlines soon? better bring some advil for the travel headaches. >> jimmy kimmel following in the footsteps of johnny carson hosting. >> a gorgeous friday out there. we'll talk about a storm system on the way. that's straight ahead.
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the first animal abuse
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summit was held and it was to discuss how to prosecute the cases. animal cruelty cases are important not just for the animals but studies show abuyerses are more likely to commit domestic violence. >> a fund-raiser is being held for daniel borowy, the teen shot on the first day of school at perry hall high school. the money will did toward his medical expenses. there will be food, raffles, snowballs and much mormt the family's share of medical expenses could be more than $100,000. they camped out, waited in line and now the iphone 5 is here. the newer, faster phone isn't without some glitches. even those didn't stop 2 million people from preordering the phone. that's twice as many as the item phone 5s which was launched a
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year ago. >> don't be hating on the 4s. i've got the 4s. i don't want a bigger screen. it fits in your pocket. i'm just saying, a bigger screen, you don't need that. 80 in bel air. 75 in sykesville. hey, take a look over the skies of baltimore. sunshine, the story all day long. how about the beach. man, i tell you. weave got pretty good weather. it will be breezy by sunday and could be a shower late in the day. it's clear now and will stay clear the rest of this friday evenin this area of low pressure swirling over the northern great lakes and will spin a cool front on the south side of the system. it will be getting nailed with a few showers. 70s, a few clouds. tomorrow evening is the chance r


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